Mr Fox is a boutique post production collective of editors and Flame artists managed by an experienced producer. 

Flexibility is Mr Fox. Where do you want us to work?  Inside your Production Company, Advertising Agency, Linen closet? Sure.  Or if you prefer we can work in our beautifully appointed edit suites with colour calibrated monitors and cafe coffee machine.  We can do both.  No problem. 

We’re freelancers with support.  If the client comes back with another round of revisions we have someone that can finish it. No stress. 

No project is too difficult nor can any problem outsmart us.  Like our namesake we will solve your problems with our crafty cleverness.  Your production big or small will be deftly cut, coloured and polished.  Delivered effortlessly to its final destination be it television or online.

We’d love to quote the post for your next production.      



The Team


The Space

Mr Fox - Edit Suite

Mr Fox - Edit Suite

Mr Fox - FLAME / Colour Grading Suite

Mr Fox - FLAME / Colour Grading Suite


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(03) 9592 2804



Our Office

Level 1, 4 Douglas St, Southbank VIC 3006